Cleaning Tips


Leave Shoes At The Door

Leave your shoes and unwanted dirt and toxins at the door or in the mudroom. Some studies estimate that as much as 80%-85% of all the dirt and toxins that enter your home come in on the soles of your shoes. Keep carpets clean and reduce unnecessary housekeeping by leaving shoes at the door.


Use Doormats

Using doormats can remove about 50% of the dirt that comes in your house. It is recommended to take at least five steps on the mat to take off the majority of dirt. This is important if you select not to leave your shoes at the door or you don’t have an entry or mudroom in which to leave them! This is another way to reduce weekly cleaning and the overall dirt that enters your home.


Manage Clutter

Take a hard look at the things in your home. Ask yourself whether they are adding value to your life or not? We all have different styles of decorating but when it comes to cleaning our homes, everything that is set on a tabletop or counter must be maintained (dusted, cleaned, etc.) on a regular basis. Removing clutter can help make home cleaning easier.


Clean Top to Bottom

When it comes to house cleaning or housekeeping, we recommend cleaning from top to bottom (a practice we use in our services.) This method of deep cleaning your way around a room makes you more efficient so you don’t miss anything. It also prevents streaks and dust from settling on previously cleaned surfaces.


Use Eco-Friendly Products

Make your home and office a healthy environment with the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. Aside from scheduling regular cleaning, these products are just as effective as other products with many quality commercial products available. Additionally, there are many recipes online for using common household products as healthy alternatives to chemical cleaning products. If you opt to use less eco-friendly cleaning products make sure you wear rubber gloves and work in a well-ventilated area.


Schedule Cleaning

Scheduling regular cleaning can ensure that no area in your home or office goes long without getting cleaned. By putting cleaning tasks on the calendar such as taking care of the bathrooms on Monday and changing the sheets on Friday, you can ensure that tasks don’t slip behind schedule. Don’t let procrastination lead to falling behind on your cleaning schedule.